My name is Rick and I have cancer.

Its weird, cancer is something I have been worrying about my whole life so hearing the news really just felt like validation.  Sort of like my destiny.  So while the official news came on 26 July 2012, it wasn’t as much shocking as was more like official.

I really don’t know why I decided to write this blog as I have always felt that “user generated content” is a poor excuse for quality anything.  Perhaps these missives will also be bad.  But then, I don’t think I am writing it for you as much as I am writing for me.  I am assuming here on the first official day of my cancer journey that this will somehow be instructive or entertaining or interesting or just a small nugget of value.  My motivation is to create some type of memorial perhaps so by writing it down, there is permanence to the process.  My obvious wish is that there is light at the end of this process but one never knows.

This is note is written on day 1 of my journey.