Y1D294 – Melanoma Conference

I haven’t posted in a long time but mostly because there isn’t much to say.  My condition remains relatively unchanged which as a cancer patient is a good thing.  Scans clean, energy OK, various pains still there but manageable, etc.  When asked “how are you feeling” (a question that is posed by many many people in a variety of ways) my response is generally “every day above ground is a good day”.  This is pretty much how I feel and is NOT a brush off but rather how it is… being alive is not something I take for granted.  I never really did take life for granted so this feeling is not new.  That said, my diagnosis has helped put it / keep it in better focus.  Good all around.

I was asked by my oncologist to be part of a panel discussion at a melanoma conference.  It was a honor to be asked and the conference is today.  I have been looking forward to it for weeks.

Penn Medicine’s 11th Annual Focus on Melanoma.  Link here.  The panel discussion is survivor stories.  Am I a survivor yet?  Will I ever be a survivor considering stage 3 melanoma?  In other words, at what point have I survived as in there is little chance the cancer will come back or has spread?  I have no idea and generally do not think about it.  It would be a lie however if I said I never think about it though.

I might announce this blog site at the conference today, warts and all so… welcome to all those who have happened upon my ramblings.