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Day 285 – Mind Over Matter

My name is Rick and my cancer status is unknown…

 I made up my mind last week that I was not going to be tired and sickly.  No matter how tired and sickly I FELT, I was going to ignore it, pretend it wasn’t there.  I actively tell myself that these side effects are fake in that I am not actually tired or sick.  Instead, I am feeling some weird reaction that my body is undergoing.  Basically, these fake symptoms are not going to rule my life.  This sounds a bit melodramatic I suppose but that really was/is my plan.

I am happy to report that so far so good, mind over matter, blah blah blah.  Don’t get me wrong, I feel tired all the time.  It becomes gripping at 9:30PM but at any other time I just don’t succumb.  I feel chilled too.  For this, I layer up.  Sure, it is odd to wear 4 layers in 60 degree weather but if that is what it takes, that is what it takes.  There is good news concerning my “cold”; it appears that the allergy medication is taking the edge off that.  Today for the first time I do not have a raspy voice and I haven’t really coughed at all.  Progress for sure.

I spent the day with my eldest visiting colleges; Muhlenberg and Lehigh.  We really enjoyed Muhlenberg.  While my daughter didn’t think that a tiny college would be right for her, we both agreed that we could “see” her there.  We are still really early in the process but this was a very productive day.  Lehigh was not to her liking… mine either.