Day 173 – Cleanliness

My name is Rick and my cancer status is unknown.

Today was a follow-up appointment with the oncologist.  She was happy to report that my scans “looked really good.”  There are no signs of cancer anywhere on the scans.  She was also quick to mention that my brain scan also continues to be clean.  Every time she mentions that (she has before) it gives me a pang of concern that she is worried about spread to my brain.  Nevertheless, she was very happy with the scan results and so I am too.

The doctor also performed a thorough physical examination.  To say she was blown away may be an understatement, as my physical recovery really seemed impressive.  I thoroughly enjoyed the “wows” and other wordless noises made during our time together.  She specifically called out my normal range of motion, clear skin, great scalp and lack of significant scar tissue on my neck.  I have to admit that made me feel good and that all my hard work may be paying off.  We talked a bit about how much I have gone through and how it was all performed over such a short period of time.  Apparently the process normally takes quite a bit longer.  Given the aggressive amount of therapy over the accelerated time period made her even more impressed with my current physical condition.

There is one lingering side effect of the various therapies; my pituitary gland is still enlarged.  She attempted to contact my endocrinologist during the visit to no avail.  They drew 6 tubes of blood to check various bodily functions and will call me tomorrow with the results.  She did not seem too concerned.  I really could not care less except I would rather not go back on steroids to fix the problem.

The conclusion of the session was a brief conversation about how she was happy with the choices I made in the early going.  I emphatically said that she made it easy for me!  I was comfortable with her from the onset and forced her to take the medical lead.  I told her that I would do anything and could endure anything… all she had to do was save my life.  I made her give strong opinions about options and I chose to follow that lead.  My phrase for this is to “choose your doctors, not your path.”  In other words, work hard at finding the right doctors because you will never know better than they will.  I decided from the beginning to put my trust in this team and live with the result.  I have no idea what the result will be as the story is not yet written but I remain happy with that course of action.  The care I have received has been amazing and I made sure she heard that loud and clear.

The last week has been great in terms of how I have been feeling.  Each day I feel a little stronger and there is improvement in all my various maladies.  My taste improves with each day.  My neck is a little less sore with each workout.  My teeth hurt that much less so I can chew so much easier now.  Most importantly, my digestive system is cooperating which in turn is allowing me to eat.  Eating is wonderful!  I am still 122 pounds but I am not worried.

I am resuming much of my “normal” activity level.  I am working with a great client right now and considering a few more.  It feels wonderful to be challenged in that way again.  I am cooking dinner and am able to spend much more time with the family.  I am very tuned into my body and heeding the need to rest when appropriate.  I will not overdo it as I am still recovering… but getting back to “normal” is a great thing.