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Day 152 – Merry Xmas

My name is Rick and my cancer status is unknown…

These last 3 days here in Florida have been great for body and soul.  The weather has cooperated with warm days and cool nights.  The sun is bright and unencumbered through around 1PM then the days turn a bit cloudy.  The family has been generally lazy but that is just right for all.  We spend time on the porch or by the pool or just hanging around the apartment.  Walks on the beach with my eldest have been great.  I have even gone for a brief swim in the ocean, first time swimming of any type since the surgery.  It took a lot out of me but it felt like a milestone.  I am still pretty tired but it is manageable.  I haven’t gained any weight but haven’t lost any either.  I choke down as many calories as I can stand and then try to drink two Ensure Plus shakes per day.  The horribly sick taste in my mouth persists but I am also able to taste some foods.  Chocolate remains a satisfying taste while salt is seriously lagging.  I crave fried foods like french fries.  Proteins still chew into cardboard.  Many of the sores in my mouth are healing so I might be able to kick up the spices again.

I have posted about the beach in the past but it bears repeating; the ocean is incredibly healing to me.  The sounds, smells and sights are wonderfully satisfying.  I cannot get enough of the rhythm of the surf and the near constant activity.  Being in South Florida is exactly what I hoped it would be.  I am looking forward to at least a few more wonderful days before having to slog it back north.

It is starting to dawn on me that the end of a significant chapter in the cancer fight is complete, having finished five or so months of intense therapy.  There is nothing much to be done except recover then wait and see.  I am enjoying this hiatus and looking forward to a full recovery.  I feel generally horrible all the time but am hopeful that feeling poor is just temporary.  I am not at all nervous about what we might find out when retesting is complete.  I am however very aware of just how hard these therapies can be.  So, if there is more crap I must go through, I am ready to go through it again but I will work double hard to recover first.  It would be a major bummer to have to go through more but if that is what must be done, it must be done.  I do hold out hope that this first big wave was enough to squash the disease.

One fun memory of our big Saturday drive was during the last hour.  We were all pretty much loopy and ready to get out of the car but there was still more time.  We were close but not quite there.  Christmas music on the radio was unavoidable at this point and that too was getting on our nerves.  When Feliz Navidad started playing we all started singing at the top of our lungs.  It was a great outlet and very funny.  I was thankful for every minute I could forget about how uncomfortable I was driving.

We are now off to our traditional Chinese restaurant for Christmas diner.  I actually feel a little hungry.  Let’s hope my hunger is satisfied by actual taste.